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It's a Fact:
Small Things Build Confidence

World Lymphoma Awareness Day Celebrates Building Confidence with More Information and Support

World Lymphoma Awareness Day is September 15. It’s celebrated around the world to raise awareness of cancers of the lymphatic system.

This year, people around the globe are invited to do a small thing to support and empower people living with lymphoma. Regardless of where you live or the language you speak, sharing a fact about lymphoma on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WLAD2019 will help the international Confidence Tree grow.

The Confidence Tree, found at, is a real-time instalment that represents the support and information that help and empower those living with lymphoma. It is inspired by Lymphoma Coalition research, which shows that confidence is built when a patient has information and support and plays a significant role in positive healthcare experiences and outcomes.

About World Lymphoma Awareness Day

World Lymphoma Awareness Day is held on September 15th every year around the world. Since its launch in 2004, it has been a day dedicated to raising awareness of lymphomas, cancers of the lymphatic system. This year, the World Lymphoma Awareness Day campaign is Small Things Build Confidence, a campaign focused on sharing facts about lymphomas and empowering people with cancers of the lymphatic system.

About Lymphoma Coalition

Founded in 2002, Lymphoma Coalition is a worldwide network of 81 lymphoma patient organisations from 52 countries that acts as a central hub for reliable and current information. Governed by a global Medical Advisory Board and Board of Directors, its mission is to be the global source for lymphoma facts and statistics, improve awareness and understanding of lymphomas, and build capacity for new and existing lymphoma groups.

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